This past week Powerclean have been particularly busy Jet Washing & Steam Cleaning in Bristol and Avonmouth at KFC branches all over the South West including; REVIEWS

KFC Branches.

With attention to KFC Bristol Eastgate, Bristol Avonmeads,  Bridgwater, Taunton,  Paignton,  Exeter,  Barnstaple and KFC in Weston-Super-Mare!!

Powerclean Jet Washing & Pressure Washing Steam Cleaning our history.

Why does a company as big as KFC in Bristol and the South West use Powerclean for there Jet Washing and Steam Cleaning?

Because Powerclean started in 1997 and is an independent business with 25 years of experience of power and jet washing. Therefore this has allowed us to maintain a prestigious level of customer service and knowledge in our trade. Furthermore we are a Local Authority Accredited Business and Landlord Contractor. We are fully insured to £10 million and especially HSE compliant. We are able to carry out all types of risk/method assessments and can work in any location.

Latest Equipment

And we also have the latest equipment and trailer mounted twin boiler machines.  They produce super heat during operation that can quickly steam clean any surface large or small. Our machines have been built locally and are the best that money can buy. We have been using these machines for thousands of hours to complete major pressure washing and steam cleaning projects. We operate through out the Bristol and South West. Steam cleaning and surface preparation. Steel work and Aluminium Cladding. Factory Floors. Factory Roofs. Rust and Loose Paint Removal prior to paint application. Patios/Paths/Block Paving/Driveways. Chewing Gum Removal. Graffiti Removal. Maintenance Cleaning. Retail Units Fronts and Walkways. Street and Car Park Cleans. Restaurant Drive Thru Lanes. Bin Sheds/ Wheelie Bins/Compactors.

No job is to big or too small for us. Patios or Driveways or big commercial unit or fast food chain across the South West Powerclean have done it all.

Powerclean have worked with trusted businesses over the years. Including Sedgemoor Council (21 years) Lidls, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Construction Companies and many more to mention!  This will give you the reassurance & confidence to use us for your steam cleaning and Jet washing  needs in Bristol and the surrounding areas.

Sedgemoor Council

Powerclean are contracted by Sedgemoor local authority for industrial steam cleaning.

To steam clean the pedestrian areas in Bridgwater and Burnham on Sea. Including the removal of chewing gum and have been proudly carrying out this work for the past 22 years!

We carry out this work on behalf of the council. Powerclean ensures the cleanliness and tidy appearance of the high street shopping centres. The council have had Powerclean carry out the industrial cleaning of this work for 22 years! And all due to the prestigious level of workmanship and the quality of our cleans. If we can do this for the Council imagine what we can do for your Patio and Driveway!

Here is a reference from the Operations Manager, Clean Surrounds at Sedgemoor District Council.

“I have employed Powerclean to carry out a thorough street washing of Burnham on Sea and Bridgwater High Streets. This included steam cleaning and heavy deposits of chewing gum and staining from oil, grease and general usage.  I would recommend Powerclean who provide a extensive and efficient street washing program for Sedgemoor District Council and I would employ them again. 

Operations Manager, Clean Surrounds at Sedgemoor District Council.

We hope to hear from you soon!