Power Wash and Steam Cleaning.

Here are a selection of  Steam Cleaning videos and drone videos of some of our works.

Jet Washing.

We at Powerclean are able to carry out drone camera surveys before and after works completion for our clients. We can survey roof areas with our drones and this will save you time and money. As you will not have to get people up onto your roofs with scaffold and all that this involves.

Power Washing.

Our most recent videos here are cleaning high level areas at the Sovereign Centre Weston Super Mare. Also at the Orchard Shopping Centre in Taunton. Both respective Councils were very pleased with the work and WILL be using our services again!

We used Nifty Lifts to gain access to areas that were otherwise un reachable, even with our long reach telescopic Lances. Our staff used low pressure steam on the delicate fascia stone work at the Sovereign Centre. This removed years of black staining. We also cleaned steel work over entrance glass roofs prior to the Council putting up new banners.

At Taunton we cleaned the Italian Court Yard and paving areas in the shopping precinct including removing the chewing gum!

After this we were up on the roof areas cleaning aluminium panels and flat roof areas. These areas had not been cleaned in 15 years. They were heavily contaminated and very slippery for service engineers who were working on the AC plant up there.

We have also recently carried out work for Sedgemoor Council removing hydraulic oil from a roadway in Bridgwater. A large amount had been spilt for a burst hydraulic line on a road sweeper. That is Three Local Authorities we have worked for in the past 4 weeks. Sedgemoor, Taunton Deane and Weston Super Mare!

Video Gallery