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We are very busy commercial cleaning at the moment cleaning patios and driveways for customers old and new, who are preparing there garden areas for the summer. Also Sedgemoor Council have booked us for 4 weeks work steam cleaning pedestrian areas in Bridgwater and Burnham on Sea shopping centres. We are very proud to start this work the day after the Annual and very famous Bridgwater Carnival!

As a matter of fact we are contracted by Sedgemoor local authority for there industrial steam cleaning and chewing gum removal.

As a result of this we are commercial cleaning the pedestrian areas in Bridgwater and Burnham on Sea. Including the removal of chewing gum and have been proudly carrying out this work for the past 22 years.

We are a Council Accredited Business.

We carry out this work on behalf of the council in Bridgwater and Burnham on Sea.. To sum up Powerclean ensures the cleanliness and tidy appearance of the high street shopping centres. The council have had Powerclean carry out the industrial cleaning of this work for 22 years! And all due to the prestigious level of workmanship and the quality of our cleans. When Powerclean can do this for the Council imagine what we can do for your Patio and Driveway!

To sum up here is a reference from the Operations Manager, Clean Surrounds at Sedgemoor District Council.

“I have employed Powerclean to carry out a thorough street washing of Burnham on Sea and Bridgwater High Streets. This included steam cleaning and heavy deposits of chewing gum and staining from oil, grease and general usage.  I would recommend Powerclean who provide a extensive and efficient street washing program for Sedgemoor District Council and I would employ them again. 

Operations Manager, Clean Surrounds at Sedgemoor District Council.

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